The cover-up from BON’SHO® slips over the strollers seat or bassinet (equipped with canopy) and is secured with a drawstring around all* strollers, creating a fashionable coverup for the stroller and baby. The coverup can be used when the baby is sleeping or when the baby is awake.

Air flow

All cover-ups have a mesh fabric panel on the front of the garment. This fabric lets in air during hot summer days when the child is in the stroller or during nursing. If the child is not sleeping he can still see his surroundings but at the same time still be protected from different weather conditions.

*We tested the product on the most common car seats and strollers with canopy sold today in Sweden and USA. (not to be used during driving).


The garment  is also designed to be used as a nursing cover when the mother needs privacy while feeding her baby. The silicone band that is fitted around the peeking hole will now structure the opening making it easier for the mother to look down at her baby making eye contact or simply to check how the baby is doing.

The top peekinghole is fitted with a removable rigilene/silicone band that is secured into a canal, for the baby to look out if he wants. When the baby is sleeping or needs privacy, the drawstring is tightened around the peekinghole and the silicone band will bend with the drawstring and create a small hole that lets fresh air in and also makes it easy for the parent to peek in.


While the parent has their baby in an infant carrier it can be hard to cover them up when the weather suddenly turns cold or windy. The cover-up can then be used to pull over you and your baby’s heads thus covering both of you at the same time.


The cover-up also works perfect for you as a regular poncho. For example to be used during chilly international flights, during picnics when the weather took a sudden change for the worse or as a modern day to day garment.


The Spring/Summer collection 2013 is produced in high quality soft viscose.

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Within a near future we will post picture of our new Fall/Winter collection 2014!

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